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Åbossa Presents: Dzakali & Karine Telles - Imagine


"Imagine" written and composed by Komi G Gassou (Dzakali). 
Portuguese lyrics adaptation by Paulo Cesar Nunes. 
Produced by Nawras Odda and Komi G Gassou.
Co-engineered by Markus Junnikkala.
Mastered by Jaakko Viitalähde at Virtalähde Mastering.

Session musicians: Komi G Gassou (guitar & vocals), Karine Telles (vocals), Jaska Poikonen (guitar), Tapani Kärnä (saxophone), Otso Helasvuo (bass), Roope Kantonen (cajon) & Nawras Odda (rhodes). 

Music video directed by Christoffer Collina. 

Åbossa is a multicultural and unique, Turku-based artistic collective producing and creating collaborations beyond genre and cultural boundaries.

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